What is Asymptomatic Coronavirus? All about what it’s and if it may be known

Medical experts have discovered that there are three types of silent spreaders of COVID-19 i.e. asymptomatic, presymptomatic and very mildly symptomatic. Here is what each of them means:

1. Mildly symptomatic

People who display very mild symptoms (like mild cough or fever) and feel a little down and out.

2. Presymptomatic

These people do not develop any symptoms for almost a week after contracting novel coronavirus. They later display symptoms such as coughing, fever and exhaustion.

3. Asymptomatic

These are people who do not display any symptom at all while incubating the virus in their bodies. As a result, they end up transmitting the virus to a lot of people and it can fuel the pandemic in a scary manner.

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