Varun Sharma: Everyone could be very scared, and submit lockdown too, there will likely be a large number of adjustments throughout


Among the many negatives of this lockdown, actor Varun Sharma says for him the worst one has been his sleep cycle going for a toss completely.

Sharing how life has been in the past two months, he says, “I watched a lot of films and web content, and therefore woke up very late, straight for lunch. Then I spent some time chatting with my mother, until she went off to sleep. Then I would be on my own.”

The 30-year-old further adds, “For a couple of hours, I’d be on the phone, getting updates of whatever is happening out there. I also read the few scripts sent to me. I indulged myself in household activities too, chopping vegetables, doing the dishes, in whatever capacity I could.”

He agrees that the situation has made everyone “very scared”, and tells us the changes we will see post the lockdown ends, right from parties to people going to movie theatres.

“Even once when number of cases decreases, there will be a lot of changes. Every individual must have not spent so much time with themselves in the past few years. There are a lot of different ideologies and self-realisation we all must have had, changes one would want only when you self-talk, analyse your behaviour, what’s good and not good for you. In our everyday lives, we are so busy running around, we don’t get that much of time to spend. This is not by choice, we have been given that time to just be at home. For me, personally, everything has become clearer, what I am supposed to do, or not. Also, as much busy you are, it’s important to give your family time,” Sharma says.

The actor had been busy before the lockdown, with films such as Roohi Afza lined up in 2020. But everything of course has been stalled. There’s also no clarity when will the theatres re-open and his films will see the light of the day.

Opening up about how March and April were months he wasn’t even supposed to be at home at all, he tells us, “I was in Mumbai when this happened. I was supposed to do an outdoor shoot in Punjab in March for 10 days, that got cancelled. Then I was to go Thailand in April for 10 days, that too obviously didn’t happen. It’s not happening anytime soon. One of my closest friends was getting married in Jodhpur, we were all very excited for it. It was supposed to last for three days. To be honest, I was supposed to be out through and through in April. I don’t see any travelling happening anytime soon.”

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