This is God we’re speaking about: Brett Lee on whether or not or no longer Virat Kohli can wreck Sachin Tendulkar’s 100 centuries file

Former Australia fast bowler Brett Lee said that current India captain Virat Kohli can surpass Sachin Tendulkar’s massive cricketing feat. Tendulkar scored 49 ODI tons and 51 Test hundreds, and to this day, is the only player to have scored 100 international hundreds. Kohli has scored 44 ODI hundreds and 27 Test tons so far in his career, and is just 29 centuries away from equalling Tendulkar’s feat.


Speaking on Star Sports’ Cricket Connected show, Lee said: “We are talking about phenomenal numbers here, so you mentioned seven to eight years of cricket and at the rate he (Virat Kohli ) is going, yes, he can definitely knock it off,” he said.

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Lee further went on to list three factors which may help Kohli in achieving this feat. “It comes down to three things, there is one thing I would like to eliminate – so, you talk about talent as a batsman, he’s definitely got that talent, eliminate that first and foremost. Then fitness – Virat Kohli has got that fitness, so for me it is all about fitness at the age of 30 and also that mental strength, the mental capacity to get through those hard times , being away from home, from his wife, or when they will have children,” he said.

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“He will do it easily with his talent, it comes down to his mental strength and if he stays fit enough and I believe he has got all those three components to go past Sachin,” the former fast bowler added.

But Lee added that it still will not be easy to break Sachin’s massive record. “But, how can you say someone can go past Sachin tendulkar- this is God here, can someone go better than God, we will wait and see,” he said.

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