Ranvir Shorey blasts Bollywood godfathers and awards presentations, hints he doesn’t get roles on account of his surname


Actor Ranvir Shorey has thrown shade on Bollywood godfathers and awards shows, and hinted that his surname might be the reason he doesn’t get enough good work. Ranvir, who most recently appeared in the SonyLIV film Kadakh, took part in a Q&A session on Twitter on Thursday.

Asked why he doesn’t appear in more films, the actor replied to a fan, in Hindi, “For that I have to be offered good films. The search is on.” When another fan said that the problem lies in his ‘surname’, Ranvir replied, “Sahi jawab! (Correct answer).”


Ranvir had spoken about nepotism in the film industry after the death of his Sonchiriya co-star Sushant Singh Rajput. In a series of tweets, he had described an example of nepotism unfolding before his eyes at an awards show. “This actually unfolded on a popular Bollywood awards show,” Ranvir wrote. “A star kid is co-hosting the show. They announce the next category – Best Actor. The nominees are played out, and the star kid is one of the nominees. Surprise-surprise! To present the award, the hosts invite two esteemed film personalities, who happen to be the star kid’s parents. What a sweet coincidence! The presenters open the envelope and announce the winner to be – drumroll please! – the star kid, of course! What a Kodak family moment! The star kid walks from the host’s dias to accept the award and makes a short thank you speech and heads back to hosting the rest of the show like business as usual. This is how mainstream Bollywood is a family. – The End -”

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Asked why he hasn’t been awarded for his performances, especially the one in Sonchiriya, Ranvir wrote, “I’m invisible to awards. And impervious.” Ranvir also wrote in a tweet that “the Godfathers would like to see me eat dirt.”


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