Kapil Sharma on existence in quarantine: ‘Time passes quickly when you have a child at home’


I have been home ever since my daughter was born in December. I would step out only to shoot for my show’s episodes. Now, of course, we aren’t shooting, so staying at home hasn’t really been all that different,” says Kapil Sharma.

He is glad to be at home with his three-month old daughter Anayra and wife Ginni as “time passes quickly when you have a child at home”. Moreover, he has been watching online content, has written a stand up skit and started reading books that he used to buy at airports but never read.

He says, “I am happy India has a good control on things and I pray that the lockdown works and helps us get rid of the virus. People should follow it strictly but some of them aren’t taking it seriously as they don’t know the gravity of the situation. Only when our PM said so on TV, that many people realised their mistake. We should learn from countries that were prepared and ones that were not about what to do and what not to do.”

The actor-comedian shares, “I have observed that earlier I hardly heard birds chirping, but recently, I was glad to hear a Koyal (bird) singing, and even spotted some sparrows near my house. It felt like kudrat detox kar rahi hai. We have developed a lot but also in that race we took nature for granted.” He hopes that now maybe people will do their bit for conserving nature and value the resources.

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Sharma went live on Facebook, spoke to his fans about Covid-19, the lockdown and the seriousness of it. He adds, “God forbid, if we were facing water shortage across the world, it would be unimaginable. Bahut zaroori hai un cheezon pe vichar karna, jin ko hum bhula baite the. We should save water, ban plastic, plant more trees. No one had ever imagined that a virus would bring the world to a standstill. This virus has brought the world together. We have to change the way we think.”

He has donated Rs 50 lakh to the PM’s relief fund and urges others to do what they can to help people. “I read that (Telugu stars) Pawan Kalyan and Ram Charan had donated sums to the fund, so I felt I should do as well. I tweeted about it so that people come forward and do their bit. At this time, any sum is helpful. We can afford to stay at home without pay checks for months but there are so many daily wage earners who need our help right now. I am also helping the NGOs near my house who are helping the strays and needy people in the vicinity,” he signs off.

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