Here’s how you’ll forestall feeling responsible for no longer being productive right through COVID-19 quarantine

In light of the global pandemic and the damage it has caused, most of us have been quarantined in our homes for over two months now and have been doing everything possible to keep ourselves occupied and productive. From workout challenges to TikTok dance-offs to discovering the chefs in us, we have tried it all. While many of us have found our true passions during this time of quarantine, most of us are still figuring things out. Some of us are doing things not by choice, but because we saw our friends or some celebrity doing it on social media. This not only encourages other people to follow aimlessly but also overwhelms the people, especially those, who do not care at all. For all those people still figuring out what to do during this quarantine, here’s how you can feel less guilty about not being productive in this time of crisis.

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