Easy methods to fashion fashionable jewelry

As soon as we’re done putting on our best clothes, vibrant makeup, and don a classy clutch – something feels missing. While it may seem that every component of dressing up is done, it really isn’t. One important element remains: Jewellery! As accessories become the ultimate look-completer, and modern jewellery becomes a staple for all attires. We got in touch with Dr C Vinod Hayagriv, Director and Managing Director, 150 years C Krishniah Chetty Group Of Jewellers to share a style guide to flaunt modern jewellery to perfection.

Layers for the win!
If you’ve been on Instagram lately, you definitely know the layers trend. It seems one necklace isn’t ever enough as people wear two, three, and sometimes even four dainty necklaces with something as casual as a V-neckline tee. But how do you know what sort of necklaces to pair with each other?

Here’s how you can form the ultimate layers:

Use necklaces of varying lengths
Experiment with colours, especially if you’re wearing white.

Pair different types of neckpieces – perhaps a gold pendant necklace with a casual gold chain.

Mix your metals
While symmetry and wearing matching pairs of jewellery may seem like the right way to go – who says that’s the rule in the book, really? It’s time to mix it up and wear some of the stack ‘em up! most modern trends in the chicest way possible. Pair a diamond necklace with a gold ring. Or go platinum with a hint of gold.

The sky is the limit to the imaginative ways you can mix and match your jewellery for a look that truly stands out.

Stack ‘em up!
But, didn’t we just talk about layering? Here, we refer to rings – stunning, minimalist, yet truly classic rings.

To have your fingers do all the talking and be known as the one with the most fashionable rings – stack up your rings (up to 3) on your finger.

Match a few gemstone ones together if you’re going to a party, or simple diamond rings also work for a relatively casual look.

Know your focus
No, we don’t mean you should look at your jewellery with glasses; we want you to put the focus on your best aspect. Let us give you an example. For beautiful with gorgeous, coloured, large eyes; smokey eyes and more highlighter are able to put the focus on the eyes – enhancing the feature, and making the individual appear distinct and beautiful. It works similarly for jewellery.

If you have a long neck and want that to be the centre of attention in your entire look; wear a beautiful diamond choker necklace.

This will adorn your neck and surely make you a head-turner.

Neck and neckline
The same way as you wouldn’t wear a choker with a turtleneck; we have always known subconsciously that the neckline matters when choosing a necklace. Therefore, when you are choosing the neckpiece to don; make sure to notice the neckline of your dress.

If it’s a V-neck – go for a heavy, diamond necklace.

If your shirt has a round-neck that’s a bit deep, take that as a cue to get your best choker out and wear it with glam makeup.

However, if the shirt you’re thinking of is a turtleneck; alas, there is nothing better than a long, modern, trendy pendant to make your look complete.

Do not go overboard
Yes, there is something as too much accessorizing when it comes to jewellery. Knowing when to stop is important and is directly linked with the purpose of the look. If you’re going to a wedding – accessorize your heart out. From gorgeous, heavy neckpieces to bangles and long, drop earrings; wear it all.

But, if you’re going to a friend’s place, keep the chic level high by wearing complementary jewellery. For example, if you’re wearing long, drop earrings, perhaps don’t wear a necklace and just a statement ring would do.

Or, with the casual tee and denims, wear a platinum bracelet and gemstone studs for the perfect blend of modern jewellery.

Style away!
Now, that you’ve read the ultimate style guide and know exactly how to mix and match your modern jewellery to amp up the fashion level; it is time to put your knowledge to the test.

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