Coronavirus vaccine: Developed an opposed response? Here is what it is advisable to know

The important thing to remember with adverse reactions right now is that they don’t weigh down on the efficacy of the vaccine. As with any vaccine, there is a heightened risk of developing side-effects that shouldn’t scare you from getting the dose.

Some side-effects also signify that the body is building protection against the virus, as per the WHO (World Health Organisation).

The one way you can lower down your risk of adverse scenarios is by preparing yourself in advance and alerting healthcare officials in time.

People getting vaccinated should still remain cautious and watch on their symptoms. For example, if you experience unusual symptoms, such as high fever, swelling, paralysis or shocks, or do not see a difference in the severity of mild side-effects (fever, pain at the injection site, fatigue) a week after injection, it might be time to inform officials.

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