Coronavirus vaccine: Covid immunity could not final for too lengthy, says new UK research

For the study, scientists analyzed samples of 90 healthcare workers. It was observed that the level of antibodies in the patients peaked three weeks post-infection and slowly began to vanish.

According to the survey, while 60% of patients showed good antibody response during peak infection, only 17% amongst them continued to have the same antibody levels three months later.

It was also observed that depending on the person’s health, antibodies may fall as much as 23 folds and almost become undetectable.

The sample study was done to observe the possibility of herd immunity driven by a vaccine push for the community. Lead author, Dr Katie Doores said:

“People are producing a reasonable antibody response to the virus, but it’s waning over a short period of time and depending on how high your peak is, that determines how long the antibodies are staying around,”

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