How to start a mobile shop in India

Mobile phones have become a necessity for people all over the world. Everyone has a smartphone, and even small children are enamored of them. More than its primary function of connecting with others, the mobile phone has evolved into an entertainment medium. Over the last decade, interest in cell phonesContinue Reading

How To Start A Solar Business In India 2021

The world is now moving towards renewable energy sources, and solar is among the largest sources of renewable energy. Solar power is liable for all the climate systems and energy sources on earth, and solar energy is a fast-growing industry in India. Now the government, as well as the people,Continue Reading

Best 10 High Margin Business In India 2021

Profit margin is among the usually used profitability ratios to measure how a business or company activity earns money. There are many profitable and high-margin small or big businesses in India. Startups not only make money for the owner, but they also create employment for the nation. Look at some highContinue Reading

IITs, IISc have recently announced learning courses and by seeing outer scenario. It is surely important people devote their time in the right way to the right place. If you are not allowed to go outside it does not mean you will not teach yourself, you would not invest yourContinue Reading

With growing demand for various technologies and aspects in companies there need to be advancement. For this it’s important that every employee stay competitive and advanced with power to establish competitive advantage and long term success for any kind of businesses. When new employees join the organization, it’s important toContinue Reading

Bharti Airtel on Wednesday announced a 5G-ready internet of things (IoT) platform for enterprises with capability to connect and manage billions of devices and applications securely. “Enterprises have three key requirements for IoT. First, connectivity solutions that future proof their device and application investments. Second, the security of their data.Continue Reading