‘Can’t make Dravid act like Yuvraj or make Yuvraj be Dravid,’ Ganguly on adaptability and management

Sourav Ganguly, president of the BCCI, believes adaptability is one of the key elements behind the success of a good leader and that one shouldn’t be discouraged with mistakes as they pave way for a bright future. Ganguly, one of India’s most successful captains, who led the team to 11 Test wins overseas, was a guest lecturer on Unacademy, and conducted a Live Class on Saturday, where he shared his experiences and lessons behind staying motivated.

“The greatest of the leaders make mistakes, but as long as the intentions are right, everything else will fall into place. You should learn from your own mistakes and leave them behind to be a better version of yourself. Don’t let your losses get you down, that’s a part of growing up. Learning from failures will lead you to success,” Ganguly, who appeared as part of a Legends Program, said during a one-hour long session.

Ganguly elaborated and highlighted various incidents from his life – the formative years, his journey, role models, secrets to success and weighed in on topics like leadership qualities that one must possess in order to achieve success in life. Ganguly answered multiple questions asked learners including questions like – ‘Which is the most memorable innings of his cricket career?’, ‘How to handle the expectations of the people around?’, ‘How can one stay consistent to reach a goal?’ and many more.

Stressing on the importance to back an individual’s natural abilities, Ganguly, referring to two of his former India colleagues, highlighted how it is important to be comfortable in his/her own skin in order to thrive.

“Adaptability is one of the key leadership qualities. A leader should tap the natural talents of the team members. You cannot make Rahul Dravid act like Yuvraj or make Yuvraj be Rahul Dravid,” he added.

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