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The comments on Adele’s weight loss picture on Instagram are a testimony to the fact that people have now become more sensitive towards body image issues. The singer, who recently celebrated her birthday took to social media to share a picture of herself in a LBD, and what stood out in the picture was her visibly leaner frame. The picture broke the internet, with fans going gaga over her transformation. And the comments that followed truly showed that people loved her before as much as they love her now. Spanish TV presenter Nagore Robles wrote, “You’ve worked so hard to look like this and I am so glad you’ve got your purpose, but I want to tell you that for me you were always spectacular, beautiful and sexy woman.”


Another user wrote, “ You are beautiful and let me tell you that you have always been. You have loved yourself as much as no one ever loved himself. “

People also applauded her for casually dropping this transformation snap, without telling the whole world that how much she worked on herself to become this slim. “ Adele has always been confident about her body and she has been a true beacon of body positivity movement around, so the fact that she didn’t even mention about this change and dropped it so casually wins our heart. Because weight doesn’t really matter to her and that’s the confidence level we all should have in us,” says social media influencer Aria Krishnamurthi, who is also known for promoting body positivity.

Fashion designer Anvita Sharma, who has also battled body image issue says, “I have seen people coming up to me to praise me when I had shed some kilos, making me feel that I wasn’t good enough earlier but I guess the mindset has changed over these many years and I wouldn’t want people to compliment my weight loss. It brings so much positivity by reading some of the comments on Adele’s post as people are calling her forever beautiful any shape or size.”

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