France with emergency plan for BREXIT

France has nearly a 50 milion euro investment plan to assist ports and airports in the country, which along with the fishing sector will be hit harder if no agreement [ … ]

American Army Weapons, Which will remain after leaving America from Syria?

US Army commanders planning to remove military troops from Syria have recommended weapons to remain Kurdish fighters in the fight against the Islamic State, a move that would angry NATO’s [ … ]

How many faces are able to recognize our brain!

Every human being has more or less close relationships with a number of other people who fluctuate on average between 100 and 250, but for many other functions, the brain [ … ]

BREXIT: Cabinet considering ramping up no deal plans

The bureau is examining whether to increase arrangements for a no bargain Brexit in the midst of vulnerability over the destiny of Theresa May’s proposed EU leave bargain. Clergymen will [ … ]

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